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PROVIDE FOUNDATION INC. petitioned for incorporation on July 4, 2015 as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Florida
and as such is organized exclusively for charitable, religious/spiritual, scientific and educational purposes, as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

The founders of PROVIDE FOUNDATION INC. are personally and intimately aware of the needs of the disabled.
Our friend and brother, David Provencal, was afflicted with End Stage Renal Disease at an early age, from which he eventually passed away.
His brother Richard, who co-founded this corporation, is a survivor of ESRD.
I, Mrozinski Mrozinski, am a caregiver for Richard and am acutely aware of the needs of the disabled,
as my sister, Arlene, is a survivor of the lifelong effects of McCune-Albright Syndrome.

As a result, PROVIDE FOUNDATION INC. has been founded as an advocacy for disabled, poor and otherwise needy individuals
who require assistance for survival and maintenance of a dignified quality of life.
We intend to be a clearinghouse and forum for individuals in need of spiritual, emotional, creative and financial assistance.

PROVIDE FOUNDATION INC. can and will refer individuals qualified for available assistance to appropriate agencies and when such assistance is unavailable,
PROVIDE FOUNDATION will provide it personally whenever and however possible.

PROVIDE FOUNDATION INC. provides an emphasis on the arts and music as a healing source, and will provide assistance to artists and musicians.
We also advocate for the companionship of animals and pets, as emotional and spiritual therapy.
We recognize that we share this planet not only with our fellow humans, but with animals for which we are to provide care and vice-versa.
Animal rescue and prevention of animal abuse are also priorities of our organization, as is our stewardship of the environment.

With these goals and purposes in mind, and to these ends, we will raise funds and distribute them to charities and individuals in need,
and advocate in all acceptable forums including the internet and social media for the ideals we have described.


PROVIDE FOUNDATION INC. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

EIN 47-4536550

Founded July 4, 2015, Incorporated July 9, 2015

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